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Blissful Bodies


Island Time

60min Massage + 60min Facial – 159.00

Relax, you’re on island time! Begin your experience with a full Pure Fiji body massage followed by a divine 60min Indulgence Facial.


Pure Fiji Escape

OUR SIGNATURE . . . 90min – 169.00

Complete head to toe pamper. Starting with a soothing milk bath foot soak, sugar rub and foot masque. Back scrub to remove dead skin cells and give a youthful glow followed by a lomi-lomi back massage to unwind and de-stress. Next the facial to boost the skin for hydration,with amazing Dilo oil for healing and anti-ageing. Complete your island experience with a stress releasing scalp and hair ritual. The ultimate island escape.


Guava Nourishing Wrap

ANTI-AGEING . . . 60min – 129.00

Combat the visible signs of ageing and restore the appearance of a younger, more toned body with Pure Fiji’s signature Guava products. This treatment begins with a raw sugar cane scrub followed by a body masque application and warm oil scalp massage. Our Anti-Aging Botanical Blend is enriched with Guava fruit high in Vitamin C boosting collagen production, toning the skin whilst hydrating, nourishing and leaving the skin with an amazing healthy youthful glow.


Honey Melt

HYDRATE & FIRM . . . 60min – 129.00

Life is sweet with this delicious Honey Melt escape. Starting with a gentle but effective exfoliation of your legs and back using organic sugar cane mixed with exotic milk bath blends.Once your skin is smooth as silk we will then lavish you with a nourishing coconut milk and honey body masque, while hot stones warm your body. Next, a Fijian scalp ritual will send tingles down your spine. Now turn over and start the heavenly sensations all over again. Finishing with a de-stressing lomi-lomi back massage will leave you soothed and replenished.


Moringa Melt

EXFOLIATE & HYDRATE . . . 60min – 129.00

Blissfully melt away life’s daily stresses with this miraculous Moringa body treatment. Your treatment begins with a crushed coconut shell scrub to exfoliate and cleanse the skin followed by an application of warmed Coconut and Moringa Exotic Oil all over the body to deeply nourish, repair and detoxify. This is left to absorb for 15mins while a relaxing butter melt and massage is preformed. The remaining exotic oil is then massaged followed by a spritz of Moringa hydrating body mist to lock in moisture.


Island Wrap

HYDRATE & RELAX . . . 60min – 129.00

The ritual begins with gentle body brushing followed by warm oil being drizzled from top to toe and a full body lomi-lomi massage performed. A hand and foot masque is applied then your body is cocooned while hot stones are placed for warmth while a scalp massage is performed. Hydrating the skin and detoxifying the system, this body treatment will leave spa goer’s minds refreshed, relaxed and the body naturally restored.


Tropical Sugar Glow

EXFOLIATE & HYDRATE . . . 60min – 129.00

Restore your natural glow with this unique exfoliating and hydrating treatment. Pure sugar cane scrub buffs away dead skin cells and then rich body butter is applied to replenish the skin. Perfect before holiday tanning and vacations or simply to revive dry dull dry skin.


Relax & Revive

BACK & FACE . . . 30min Massage + 30min Facial . . . 99.00

Schedule some time for yourself to refresh your skin and relax your mind. 30 min Pure Fiji refresher facial and a 30 min back massage. The perfect combination to restore and balance mind and body.


Coconut Crush Scrub

45min – 79.00

Cleanse, polish, smooth and hydrate your skin. Crushed coconut shells combined with pineapple enzymes, gently buff away dull skin cells and unclog pores rejuvenating the skin followed by an application of hydrating body lotion enriched with fresh coconut milk which will rapidly hydrate and soften skin.


Island Foot Ritual

30min – 55.00

This journey starts with a warm milk bath to soften and refresh the feet then buff away rough skin with a Fijian sugar rub. A rich body butter is applied and the feet are massaged.


Tropical Back Glow

30min – 55.00

Relax and enjoy as milk from the coconut combined with macadamia and coconut oil are gently massaged into the skin followed by an application of pure sugar cane to polish the body revealing new healthy skin as well as strengthening elasticity and replenishing moisture loss.


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