Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

What do I do after my MèCHE Laser Hair Removal treatment?


What to expect

Immediately after treatment the area may be pink, warm or have mild swelling for 24 hours. People with more sensitive skin this may last a few days. This is temporary, most people return to work or normal activities immediately after treatment.

If the area is uncomfortable, aloe vera will help and cold compression will ease this.

In the following 2-4 weeks, the treated hair will fall out gradually. This may appear as new growth, but it is not new hair growth. The timing of your treatments dramatically influences the outcome due to hair growth patterns. It is important to book a course of laser hair removal treatments, rather than sporadic appointments.


For the next 24-48 hours

Treat the area gently and keep the area clean and dry.

NO excess heat – spas, saunas, exercise, hot showers, hair dryers, electric blankets etc.

NO sun exposure and wear a minimum of SPF30 at all times.

NO waxing, tweezing, threading, epilating, depilatory creams, shaving.

Avoid applying makeup to the area for 12 hours post treatment.

Avoid retin A & AHA products over the treated area.

Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing.

Avoid deodorant if underarms were treated.

No self tanning products.


One week before treatment

Avoid using active skincare products (AHAS/BHAS, Retin A etc) on the area one week prior to treatment.

Avoid face or body scrubs one week prior to treatment.

Any antibiotics must be finished one week prior to treatment.


In between treatments

Shaving Only. No waxing, tweezing, threading, epilating, depilatory creams or bleaching for the duration of your laser course.

No Sun. Avoid sun/UV exposure completely for the duration of course.

Sunscreen. You MUST wear at least SPF30 for the duration of your course.

Keep us updated. We rely on you to inform us if your health changes or you start any new medications before, or in between your treatments. This is extremely important.

No self tanning or spray tanning for at least three days post treatment and within two weeks of your next treatment.

Refer to the treatment preparation card to prep for your next treatment.


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